house arrest


1. confinement of a subject to his or her residence for infractions against the state:

As you refuse to buy a second car, and I need this one to get to work, you are under house arrest.

2. a sensationalized account of an over-educated American transported to a land of cultural effacement:

The lack of a vehicle and the surrounding miles of industrial corn and soybeans imposed a virtual house arrest.

3. a written repository of memories and thoughts, capturing the small details that clothe the ego:

From his sole window under house arrest, he watched the tassels of corn blow languidly in the effete breeze.

4. a medium for informing family and friends in as entertaining and misleading a fashion as possible:

The amount of laundry, dishes, and other house work arrested his opportunities for personal growth.

5. a writers notebook:

Day 1 – Experiencing deep concern. My supply of organic toaster pastries will not outlast my house arrest.