Apparently, our little four block square of streets is famous throughout Fort Wayne as being THE place in town to go trick or treating. That’s “THE” as in “THE ONE AND ONLY”. Hundreds came, from all over town, and from all backgrounds: rich, poor, white, black, Latino, cartoons, undead, Hogwart students. You name it, we saw it.

I sat on the front stoop playing fiddle, the weather just cold enough to make my fingers work up a sweat to keep warm, uncomfortable but not painful. My fiddling must have worked because children came rushing to the door, but the parents lingered in the relatively safe zone of the sidewalk. Surprisingly, more children wanted the Silly Bandz than the candy. Also surprisingly most children were polite and only took one or two or asked first how many they might take. Unsurprisingly, the worst miscreants were the three and four-year-olds who took fist fulls and pretended not to hear you say “Put that back you little spawn of hell! Please take only one so there is enough for others.”

The parents were pretty creative too. One young grandma in a tight black leather witch costume with cape, full makeup, and four-inch stiletto heels wobbled up the the two steps with her two-year-old vampire grandson. I stared at her boots for what I hope was not an inappropriate amount of time, and said, “Your know, your feet are gonna be killing you in a couple of hours.” She rolled her eyes and answered in a thick Latino accent, “I will soak them in the tub.”

Dawn (Ma Ingalls) took Rose (Cleopatra) and Sam (Percy Jackson) out at 5:00 PM. I didn’t think they’d last long, but they stayed out two hours, returning twice to fix Percy’s cardboard shield when he tripped on steps, finally returning at 7:00 PM with Sam barreling home to pee. As we divvied the candy in the den, carefully separating nut-free from nut-infested, Rose told me about the impostor Cleopatra she met and how they played silent Mirror Mirror with each other.